Hello World!

I didn’t really expect to be a programmer. I started learning it in my first year of college and it was a hellish experience. At the time, it was far too constraining and rigid. For an artsy student studying engineering, it was without a doubt the worst experience of my career.

Four years later, I decided to get involved with a computational project modeling plasma. It’s sometimes said in coding circles that programming is the closest thing to being a god: out of nothing something useful is born. The modelongated project was beautiful. It didn’t work particularly well…to be fair, we didn’t work particularly well, but I had caught the coding bug, and I was hooked. 

So now I’m putting that to use. I’m starting up an online company and plan to use this blog to document it from inception, to launch, and beyond. Part coding tutorial, part business tutorial, part musings on the state of computer science,  all mixed with random thoughts throughout.  

I’m excited to share some of this journey with the internet, while also being nervous. I’ve never run a blog before and I usually consider myself a private person. My hope though is this pushes me out of my shell a little and helps others who might also want help down the path. 

To quote Bobby Pendragon: “And so we go!”


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